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Warehouse Creation

February 5, 2023 by
Amir sherif

Odoo inventory module Maximize your warehouse efficiency ..

Get the most efficient stocking method and improve all your internal operations. Odoo's double-entry inventory has no stock input, output or transformation. Instead, all operations are stock moves between locations.
Create your warehouses .. 

Every Warehouse will have main operation types: 

You can create your custom operations if need it to the same regarding routs and it’s rules 
After that you have to create your product categories:
In this step you have to choose your costing method 

You have to define income account: when you create an invoice will increase this account by the price for this product 
Also, in the same journal entry will increase the cost of goods sold by this product cost 
In the section of inventory valuation, you have to choose the costing method and inventory valuation method.
There are types of costing Methods:
Standard price: this cost you will add it for each product 
First in first out: system will put the first cost for this item 
Average cost: system will calculate the average cost 
Inventory valuation:
You can choose it manual if you will do it manually (Periodic inventory).
Automated: system will give you the value of your inventory automatically (Perpetual Inventory).

Now you are ready to import your products >>

Amir sherif February 5, 2023
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